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Chapter V

What Does CMBI Provide?

You may be wondering why you should choose Coin Metrics as your index provider.

Coin Metrics is able to leverage its expertise in on-chain and market data to create transparent and objective cryptoasset reference rates. CMBI then takes those reference rates and applies a exchange whitelist screen to ensure that the data comes from the highest quality sources.

Coin Metrics has also constructed innovative and proprietary metrics and methodologies.

These include free-float supply, risk metrics, fork policies and index methodologies. These methodologies enable CMBI to best track the underlying markets and ensure transparency in our offerings. On top of the methodologies, CMBI employs independent Index and Oversight Committees to verify robust and transparent governance as well as institutional quality in all index offerings.

Coin Metrics currently offers three types of index offerings.

Coin Metrics’ three index types are single-asset, multi-asset, and thematic indexes. Single-asset indexes provide the cryptoasset community, investors and asset managers with publicly available and investable benchmarks that reliably and accurately track the price of a single cryptoasset through sourcing market prices from numerous global liquidity venues.

Our multi-asset indexes are diversified baskets of cryptoassets designed to track the value of the cryptoassets market. They are offered both in free-float adjusted market capitalization and even weightings. Our thematic indexes are designed to track a group of cryptoassets based on a specific investment strategy or theme. This can be related to the basket’s investment mission, recent performance, or even reflect an asset’s network characteristics. 

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Finally, while investors cannot invest directly in Coin Metrics indexes, they can invest in index-linked products.

CMBI linked products are available across the world, which empowers and transitions investors into new investment vehicles for long-term wealth generation in a new digital economy. For more information, contact


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