Coin Metrics is pleased to announce the version 4.2 release of our end-of-day CM Network Data Pro Daily Macro (NDP-EOD) feed. Concurrent with this release, Coin Metrics has added a number of assets to our Community Network Data offering.

NDP-EOD Version 4.2

Version 4.2 includes the below items. 

Asset Additions

Version 4.2 adds one new asset:

  • Huobi Token

Metric Additions

Version 4.2 adds a large number of new metrics:

  • More block metrics including the difficulty of the last block and the mean block weight
  • Breakdowns of transaction and transfer counts by type (e.g., by contracts, contract calls, and tokens on Ethereum; OP_RETURN transactions on Bitcoin and its derivatives and more)
  • Deeper contract metrics (contracts created/destroyed and more)
  • More coin age metrics including a new original metric: revived supply
  • More exchange flow metrics including the number of transfers to and from exchanges
  • Further breakdowns of supply/address bands
  • Supply in Zcash’s shielded pools

Community Network Data

Concurrent with the release of CM Network Data Pro Version 4.2, the following assets have been added to our Community Network Data:

  • LINK
  • LEO (Ethereum)
  • LEO (EOS)
  • EOS (ERC-20)
  • Huobi Token

Please reach out to Coin Metrics ( for more information on CM Network Data Pro or Community Network Data.