Coin Metrics is pleased to announce several additions/upgrades to our Network Data Visualization offering that includes our Network Data Charting Tool, Formula Builder Charting Tool, and our Correlation Tool released in July.  These updates include: 

  • Save Charts/Formulas Locally: ability to save and load charts and formulas to/from your local device  
  • Additional Prices for Cryptoassets:  addition of a 4pm New York, 10:30am London, 11am London, 3:15 Chicago and a noon New York price for cryptoassets to enable better timing synchronization when creating formulas or correlating with traditional assets / indexes
  • More Correlation Options: option to “Linearly Interpolate” or “Exclude” data gaps in a time series plus the addition of a 30- and 60-day correlation   
  • More Formulas:  new Running Total formula for calculating cumulative totals, a new Draw Line function to customize the appearance of your data series, and a new  “interval” parameter for the Arithmetic Returns function

If you are interested in learning more about our new tools, please contact us at!


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