Coin Metrics is pleased to announce the expansion of our Estimated Market Capitalization coverage to 309 assets. Due to the growth of the crypto ecosystem and a rise in client demand, the new metric ‘CapMrktEstUSD’ has been introduced to our Community and Professional network data offerings. 

Coin Metrics’ previous Market Cap metrics have all used supply based on our primary sourced on-chain data.

As the crypto asset ecosystem has expanded over the last few years, Coin Metrics has decided to find ways to support a wider range of assets with some of the most important metric information. 



‘CapMrktEstUSD’ = Estimated Circulating Supply * PriceUSD

Estimated Circulating Supply – Estimated Circulating Supply is sourced from third party APIs. This supply data is reported by the projects themselves and collected by CoinGecko. Supply for projects without circulating supply endpoints are either as reported in their project documentation or are sourced through block explorers such as Etherscan. 

PriceUSD – The fixed closing price of the asset as of 00:00 UTC the following day (i.e., midnight UTC of the current day) denominated in USD. This price is generated using Coin Metrics’ Hourly Reference Rate methodology



Clients can learn more about the metric in our Data Encyclopedia and the complete asset coverage in our new CM Data Coverage Tool

This new metric can be accessed via API through our timeseries/asset-metrics endpoint, as well as Network Data Charting Tool for 100+ assets. Full asset coverage in our Charting Tools will be supported at a future date. 



Network Data Pro is a data feed of insightful, aggregate network data metrics for all of the top cryptoassets. Network data  metrics are available with an API key through our API via the /timeseries/asset-metrics endpoint or through our Data Visualization tools or CM Pro Charts

Network Data Community (Data Downloads, Community API, Data Visualization) is a subset of our Network Data Pro data available for free for community use. For more info on our Community terms and offerings see our Labs page.