Notice of Index Termination  Effective Date October 31,2023

  • CMBI Basic Attention Token Index, 
  • CMBI Decentraland Index, 
  • CMBI  Sandbox Index,
  •  CMBI EOS Index, 
  • CMBI Tezos Index, 
  • CMBI Algorand Index.  

Coin Metrics announces the termination of the following indexes effective close business day October 31,2023:  CMBI Basic Attention Token Index, CMBI Decentraland Index, CMBI  Sandbox Index, CMBI EOS Index, CMBI Tezos Index,  and the CMBI Algorand Index.  

Due to the low market capitalization of the indexes and lack of client engagement, we discussed the potential termination of the indexes.   Based on feedback, Coin Metrics decided to terminate these indexes. 

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