Coin Metrics is pleased to announce the Total Market Series, a suite of indexes measuring segments of the digital assets ecosystem as defined by datonomy ™.  Datonomy is a  classification system that classifies coins and tokens based on context of use.   The Total Market Series allows investors to passively track the growth of cryptoasset sectors and sub-sectors, and enables allocation with greater granularity. 

The Total Market Series is a unique offering from Coin Metrics, enabling market participants to track the performance of cryptoassets relative to their sector, or against a parent index representing the investable market.  It is suitable for any institution seeking thematic benchmarks, active management of cryptoassets, or new ways to gain exposure to the digital marketplace.  For more information, please see our CMBI Total Market Series Methodology.

The overall market is represented by the CMBI Total Market, a market capitalization-weighted index.  The Series also includes eleven Sector Indexes and three Sub-Sector Indexes, all of which are equal-weighted.  The full list of Sector and Sub-Sector offerings are outlined below:

The indexes are available on our API with the /timeseries/index-levels endpoint. The price is represented in US Dollars and is available in 15s, 1h, and 1d frequencies. 

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