As we grow, so does our community data offering.   Today, we are excited to announce the release of over 100 new network data metrics and indicators to our community offering – more than doubling its breadth.   As Nic mentioned in his blog yesterday, we are as committed as ever to our purpose of empowering people to make informed crypto financial decisions.  Our community data helps contextualize the troves of data available on these public networks, and we are proud to bring this  transparency to thousands of our community users daily.  Our community data continues to be free via our REST API and our community tools and is provided under the Creative Commons  license. 

Some of the metrics now available to the community include:

  • Greater granularity in our Supply and Address data enabling users to create wealth and HODL bands using our Formula builder
  • More market cap metrics, including Free Float and 1-year Active Market Cap 
  • Indicators using Free Float supply  including MVRV Free Float and Free Float NVT (90 day)
  • Many Miner,  Fee and Network Usage metrics
  • Aggregate exchange flow metrics 
  • Our supply distribution metrics (NDF and SER)
  • And many more….

We want to thank you for your support over the years and we look forward to the future.