At Coin Metrics, we are committed to developing the best tools for our users to understand and work with crypto assets. We are excited to announce the development of our latest innovation, the Coin Metrics Security Master, designed to simplify and streamline access to critical reference data.

Identifying crypto assets and markets is challenging due to the volume of information that needs to be collected from a wide range of both on-chain and off-chain sources, each of which can use their own proprietary identifiers and data formats. Our security master is engineered to harmonize this data to ensure that your investment and decision-making processes are founded on accurate and trustworthy information.

We also created our security master as part of our efforts to enhance our product offerings and allow for easier integration of our entire product suite, including Coin Metrics Network Data Pro, Coin Metrics Market Data Feed, and Coin Metrics Reference Data products.

The security master provides a consistent schema for accessing information about crypto assets and markets in a variety of downstream applications such as risk management, clearing and settlement, accounting, order management, execution management. Much like its counterparts in traditional finance, our security master is an organization-wide dataset that serves as the cornerstone for storing reference data encompassing fundamental, pricing, on-chain and off-chain data points for all major crypto assets within the digital asset space.

Key Features

  • A unified data source for all of our reference data: The Coin Metrics Security Master consolidates our asset metadata and asset profiles all in one centralized location. Our identifiers are also compatible with datonomy™, our classification system for digital assets.

  • A unique immutable asset identifier: We have implemented a robust identification system that enables seamless lineage tracking and mapping throughout an asset’s history, even in cases of rebrandings, ticker changes, contract upgrades, or other unique ways that a crypto asset can evolve. In future releases, we plan on exposing more of these important events in an asset’s history.

  • Asset metadata: Our security master offers metadata for each asset such as the creation date, asset type, token address, and more.

  • Market metadata: Our security master also includes every spot market, futures market, and options market that a given asset trades on, along with critical reference information about the market such as its contract specifications and trade specifications.

For more information or to explore our Security Master API, please visit our API documentation and Knowledge Base and contact our sales team at Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance our Coin Metrics Security Master to include even more information about crypto assets and markets.