Collecting and cleaning data consumes valuable data scientist, analyst, and engineering time. To make matters more challenging, crypto data is fragmented, difficult to access, and challenging to conform to various data standards. With these users and their problems in mind, we’ve made significant improvements to the Coin Metrics Python API Client.

Python users can now easily access Coin Metrics’s vast set of Network and Market Data with an interface that’s compatible with the Coin Metrics API v4. In just a few lines of code, anyone can access clean cryptocurrency data in a familiar form, such as a pandas dataframe. We hope this reduces the time spent on automating the boring stuff and empowers users to explore the rich cryptocurrency dataset we are continuously building.

import pandas as pd
from coinmetrics.api_client import CoinMetricsClient
api_key = '<api_key>'
client = CoinMetricsClient()
asset_metrics = client.get_asset_metrics(
    metrics=['PriceUSD', 'SplyCur'], 
asset_metrics_df = asset_metrics.to_dataframe()

The official documentation can be found here. For a thorough walkthrough of what you can do with the community client, check out our walkthrough in Jupyter Notebook form, complete with examples from past State of the Network issues. Examples of exporting data can be found in the examples folder. The community client is available to everyone, but if you’d like access to a deeper set of data, please reach out to us!

Happy coding!