Coin Metrics is pleased to announce the launch of block-by-block data for its popular institutional network data product, CM Network Data Pro.

This Real-Time Block-by-Block feed features 83 metrics aggregated across every block. Metrics include transactions, transfers, active addresses, fees and miner revenue, on-chain exchange flows, and more. 

Today’s launch features all historical block-by-block data for Bitcoin and Ethereum available via REST API with streaming updates delayed by 1 hour. 

Real-time Websocket connectivity is coming later this month and future releases will add more assets and metrics. 

Whether you’re a quantitative fund, fundamental fund, custodian, exchange, or other network data user, block-by-block data gives you the sample size and timeliness needed to source signals, create actionable strategies and monitor network events and trends as they occur. 

The Real-Time Block-by-Block feed complements Coin Metrics’ end-of-day Daily Macro feed (192 metrics across 70 assets) to form the leading structured network data solution for institutions.