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Original Research

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Original Research


Diving deep on everything from the foundational to the bleeding edge

Trusted Exchange Framework 2.1

By |November 1, 2023|Christian Brazell, Dorian Kandi, Kevin Lu, Special Insights, Victor Ramirez|

Centralized exchanges are pivotal in the crypto realm, but their quality varies across diverse use-cases. The Coin Metrics’ Trusted Exchange Framework aims to quantitatively evaluate these platforms based on criteria like transparency, resilience, data quality, and more, leveraging public information [...]

Exploring Supply Transparency

By |October 17, 2023|Collaborative Research, Kyle Waters, Lucas Nuzzi, Matias Andrade, Special Insights, State of the Network|

Coin Metrics and Swiss firm Bitcoin Suisse have collaborated to bring their expertise in crypto analytics and market insight to explore token supply transparency and its impact on liquidity. Utilizing the unique transparency of public blockchains, this collaboration offers unparalleled [...]

Coin Metrics announced as Wealth & Finance’s Best Crypto Data Company (USA) of 2023

By |October 16, 2023|Company News, News, Press Releases|

United Kingdom, 2023 – Wealth & Finance Magazine has revealed the winners of this year’s FinTech Awards, naming Coin Metrics as the Best Crypto Data Company (USA) of 2023. The financial sector is continuing to see an overwhelming need for [...]

Circle’s Silver Lining: Unpacking USDC’s Supply Drop in an Era of Rising Rates

By |October 10, 2023|Kyle Waters, Matias Andrade, State of the Network|

In this issue of State of the Network, we set out to analyze USDC's supply loss and its impact on Circle. We segment the current USDC supply into various categories to pinpoint where the attrition is most pronounced. The pressing question [...]


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